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A cheerful greeting to all !

My name is Gisella. I am a psychologist, an holistic therapist and a creative bioenergetic teacher. Since a long time I cultivate the interest for the " spiritual technologies ". With this term I mean all the disciplines derivated from the traditional cultures useful to deepen the awareness of the body -mind- spirit unit and of the deep relation existing between our inner world ( the microcosm ) and the universe in all its manifestations ( the macrocosm ) .

We live in a privileged period of the history, in which many of the ancient "esoteric" traditions that have been transmitted orally for thousands of years by sectarian groups of a few initiates, have been freed from the secret and have become accessible to all. In this time we can read the books and personally meet great masters Yogis, Buddhists, Taoists, Kabbalists, Sufis ... Shamans teach how to decipher the invisible to those who want to learn it and the alchemists sell their preparations on the websites ... We are living a unique moment: we have a panoramic viewpoint from which to contemplate the human horizon to 360 degrees.

Since I began my search I started to develop an awareness of the extraordinary potential of evolution that a human being can reach, but which normally remains latent for the simple fact that we are not particularly educated or used to cultivate our inner energy. In my experience , the practice of Taoism, shamanic arts and yogic practices has changed my psycho-physical structure in a surprising way. Gradually I reached the balance and the completeness that I was looking for, I healed myself from my chronic pains and I solved the emotional blockages that inhibited my vital functions. At the same time it started for me the exciting journey to discover my real abilities of perception.

The discovery of myself and my potential gave me the the most authentic and complete key to understand how to facilitate the process of growth and healing of the others. Being a therapist in my opinion means to combine the healing techniques with a high level of awareness of the human dimension.

I learned so much with the great masters, like Mantak Chia and Ajarn Pichest. I have cultivated the calm and the silence of the mind with Buddhist monks. I have fraternized with shamans of different traditions. I finally realized that every person I meet is carrying a teaching.

The concept of energy is the meeting point between academic science and spiritual technology. Everything that happens in this universe is in relation with a form of energy. The movement and the electricity are manifested forms of energy. Even emotions, thoughts and instincts are energie.

Due to the influence of our culture, however, we focus our attention especially to external energies. For example, we turn off the lights when we leave a room. Otherwise we easily forget to apply the same principle of economy to our internal energy, running the risk of draining unknowingly our resources.

The dispersion of the life force leads to weakness, illness and oldness. On the contrary, to develop the awareness and the control of the energy potential leads to incredible benefits and it makes possible changes that we would have considered improbables.

One of the most extraordinary and visible advantages of the optimization of the inner energy is the rejuvenation. We don't need a scalpel or a special cream for staying young: beauty and youth have their origin inside our body and are in relation with the frequency of replacement of the body cells and with the production of hormones. These operations require in fact just energy!

I began to teach and to practice therapies when I understood to have something important to share. I taught Taoism and shamanic techniques to large groups of people and I've collected a lot of gratitude. What I considered important has been revealed valuable also for the others and this is a great incentive for me to continue my activities with joy, hoping that more and more people will start to search for a door to infinity!

Gisella Valdemarin

Master's degree in Psychology at the University of Turin, Italy.

Associated Instructor of the Mantak Chia's Universal Healing Tao
www.universal- tao.com

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