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This meditation is the basis of  the Taoist internal alchemy and allows you to activate the primary vital energy of the body, in order to move it in a circuit of energy running through the entire body.

 " The mind leads the energy, the energy leads the blood. "

This famous Taoist statement allows us to understand the direct relationship between the movement of the energy and its effects on the body.

 Driving energy through meditation in the main meridians of the body activate a process of cell regeneration, nourishing the organs and promoting the balance of all the vital functions.

 The awakening of the internal energy flow produces significant changes in the practitioner's life : the body detoxifies itself , the unconscious emotional memories emerge into the light of awareness allowing the release from deep psychological suffering, the nervous system is strengthened.

To achieve a greater inner stability produces essentially a qualitative improvement in all the aspects of life.



The technique of the healing sounds offers to the practitioners the priceless gift of getting in touch with their inner organs in order to develop an awareness of the relationships between the different parts of the body.

  The ancient Taoist masters discovered that there are some sounds having optimal vibratory characteristics for  facilitate the functioning of our internal organs. These sounds, which are produced by associating them with simple movements, activate a vibration that relaxes the muscles surrounding the internal organs and soothes all the organic tissues.

  At the same time, because the organs are the seat of emotions, the healing sounds act on the emotional tensions, by  freeing the body from the psychic forces that block the circulation of vital energy.



This form of Chi Kung allows us to develop a deep relationship with Earth.

  By learning the structural alignment it's possible to cultivate the ability to absorb the energy of the planet in order to strengthen our body and to produce new bone marrow, with all the consequent benefits to the immune system and the circulatory system.

The principle of "rooting" with Earth gives an exceptional stability to the body and through the constant training you can even reach a state of absolute resistance to pressures and tractions exerted by an external force.

The iron shirt also provides the essential key for understanding the function of the energy in the Tai Chi practice and in many other martial arts.


In the tradition of China the fan is associated with one of the Eight Immortals, Zhong Liquan, the alchemist who discovered the philosopher's stone and who was able to fly.

In ancient times, some warriors used the fan during the combat and the use of this object is still widely diffused in martial arts.

Tai chi is an internal martial art which is based on the assumption that knowing oneself is the best defence technique against external attacks: it's not possible to deal with a fight without learning to walk and to maintain a good balance, to breathe properly and to balance body and mind.

The Tai chi strengthens the nervous system , stimulates the cerebral cortex , promotes the mental concentration, the digestion, the blood circulation and the functioning of the immune system. It makes the body flexible and strengthens the muscles and the bones.

  The Tai Chi fan forms are characterized by a perfect combination of strength and elegance.

The practice with the fan is an expression full of charm and great beauty of the two opposing and complementary forces that permeate all forms of life, which are known in the Chinese tradition as Yin and Yang.


This course is addressed to women of all ages who wish to discover the incredible potential of the use of sexual energy for health, aesthetic, perception and spiritual development.

All the traditional cultures have developed techniques for channeling sexual energy for a great multitude of intent, because it is an incredible force that has the potential of giving life, but at the same time it's a raw energy that can be transformed into more refined forms and be used for the benefit of the whole organism, especially with regard to the preservation of vitality and physical force, in other terms of the youth.

The awakening of the perceptual functions of the uterus also leads to extraordinary use of  this organ as a second brain and that is the latent principle of the intuitive abilities of women.



Men and women can discover a form of erotism which leads to experience a deep satisfaction, involving all the states of being and producing incredible benefits at physical, mental and spiritual levels.

  The Eastern traditions conserve a deep knowledge of sexuality which has disappeared in the contemporary western culture.

In the age that we consider to be the most liberal in terms of sexuality , many people find difficut to live this precious part of their lives with intensity and satisfaction.

The inhibitions and the absence of a real sexual education are often at the origin of many diseases affecting not only the genital organs and the endocrine function, but also the totality of the nervous system.

The aim of this course is to divulge the knowledge of the evolutionary function of sexuality and to free this very important aspect of life from all the cultural, stereotypical and moral superstructures.

By learning how to get in touch with our sexual energy we begin to perceive our body at a profound level of awareness and we start to use the creative power of sexuality in all the aspects of life.

Love loses its selfish and self-centered connotation taking a universal character when the sexual energy combines with the energy of the heart. This is the secret alchemy of many saints and great spiritual personalities of all time .

This theoretical-practical course doesn't envisage intimacy between participants and it's addressed to adults aged from 18 to 500 years ...



This intensive workshop is designed to treat in depth the themes of rejuvenation and longevity through the use of a wide range of techniques and knowledges deriving from the ancient cultures.

The art of rejuvenation involves concepts about nutrition, breathing, moving and about the development of vital energy, the management of emotions and stress, the hygiene and the allignement of the emanations of the internal energy with the main energy sources in the universe.



The nervous system is still largely a mystery to modern medicine. Otherwise the meditation techniques from Buddhist and Taoist traditions show to be based on a deep knowledge of the functioning of this fascinating vehicle of life force that runs through the whole body.

To regenerate the nerves is of crucial importance in the treatment of many diseases and it leads to experience a state of deep relaxation which is the prerequisite for getting in touch with the higher part of the self. 


This kind of yoga has ascetical  origins and promotes energy balancing, relaxation and muscle development by acting on the same principles of Thai massage.

The positions used in this discipline can be practiced by everyone, regardless of age or physical condition.


Five positions which constitute a dynamic form of yoga originating of  Tibetan monasteries. The Five Tibetans allow to activate quickly all the energy centers of the body and to exercise all the majour  muscle groups, promoting and enhancing the vital functions.

The result of the constant practice of these exercises is the growth of  the physical force and the harmonization of the global psychophysical state. The condition of well-being that it's possible to experience as a result of the execution of the Five Tibetans is the first sign of their effectiveness in promoting regeneration and rejuvenation of the physical structure.


This sacred dance of India was once represented in the temples as a tribute to the gods, to Mother Earth and to the human spirit present in oneself and in the others.

In our times, as well as being appreciated as a fine art form, this sacred dance preserves its value as a tool facilitating the dynamic connection between the natural forces and the human dimension.

Kuchipudi style is characterized by the ample use of mudras (energetic positions of the hands). It originates from the male monasteries of southern India and that's the reason why it's suitable for both men and women.